Be Designer is a marketplace dedicated to brands that remain out of the mainstream spotlight and provide unique and custom creations that evoke a sense of eccentricity!

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As brand owners ourselves, we recognise the potential obstacles new designers and brands can face when building their businesses, getting their products to market and competing online. Trying to expose products to the masses whilst remaining creative, affordable and unique is quite a challenge.

All different in style, ethos and personality, our brands offer diversity. They all have a story to tell, and no two of them are the same.

Our Be brand started as a way to allow people to be themselves, to be unique and to get creative, now it's time to expand upon that!

Be Fresh, these are the cool kids on the block, the creative Ts, awesome sunnys, nothing is too vibrant or quirky.
Be Unique, our most extravagant brands. Those who really think outside the box and push creative boundaries.

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Be Kind, our saviours of sustainability! Created with ethical morals in mind, and using only the most friendliest of materials and processes.