Support Female Empowerment

During March the focus was very much emphasised on female empowerment and our amazing abilities. Yes that's right, the female business woman, confident, independent and above all fabulous! We have a lot to celebrate ladies!

International Women's Day

Last week we saw numerous celebrations, social posts and events dedicated to this wonderful day that encourages women empowerment. A day in which we take a moment to remember how awesome we are, how skilled, strong and powerful women can be. Because sometimes we forget, or at least the day to day grind of life tries to make us forget, but it won't dull down our sparkle...oh no!! And to make sure we feel empowered and ready for our day, check out our lovely variety of body scrubs, look good, feel good right girls?

Mother's Day

On Sunday we had Mother's day (in the UK at least), and I bet most of you celebrated this in some form or another. Whether with your mother, you are a mother, you are a mum to be, step mum or simply a mother figure in someone's life. Whether you gave a card, bought some flowers, or simply spent the time talking to her (maybe via phone or video call given current restrictions 😒), this gesture will be appreciated and remembered. If you are forgetful, late or simply on the naughty list, you can still grab yourself a mother's day gift with us and get in her good books!! (Tut tut ... wagging my finger LOL)

We also had a Mother's day Giveaway, and one lucky winner won a luxury wax candle. Follow us on Instagram to get the chance to win each month.

Female Founded

Whatever the reason to celebrate the female sex, we should all be proud of our individuality, and personality. It's true, we are all different, in more ways than one. We have a variety of amazing and talented female designers and female founded brands who are each diverse in their creativity, no two the same. Take a look Cocoove, Planet Warrior and Josie and Jean to name just a few.

In today's society, we are equal, discrimination has no place in 2021 and females all over the UK and the world are constantly thriving and pushing for recognition. This week we've seen protests such as the Women's March that has came as a result of the tragic incident involving a British female. This isn't just radical feminists, this is a movement that is gaining pace by a large section of the community who believe and want to ensure women are protected.

Strong woman lifting weights

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