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At Be Designer we aim to bring to you the best new independent designers from around the world. Our shopping platform showcases incredible new talent from the fashion, home and beauty industries.

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New exciting brands are bursting onto the scene every day, but unless you look closely, you could miss them. We believe everyone should have the opportunity to see these creative people and their ideas and that's we built the Be Designer platform; to help you find them and get to know them. All of our brands have unique and interesting stories to tell and we don't think you'll be disappointed.

Support small indie businesses from the comfort and safety of your home. We have a huge range of creative artisan pieces and unique clothing, all in one place. 

Why Are These Brands Sometimes Hard to Find?

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In 2020 Over 85,000 new businesses were created in the UK - amongst these, the number of clothing brands registered during that year was up 55% on the number registered in 2019.

The fashion industry is a tough business and so many new designers and brands become disillusioned by high start-up costs and demands, some have to balance day jobs with the side hustle they're so passionate about, but ultimately it can be really hard to just get that one break that launches them forward to the spotlight.  Be Designer is dedicated to championing designer's talents by offering a helping hand in projecting them out to the public.

Britain's fashion industry is one of the most vibrant and exciting in the world. It produces a huge number of talented designers and fresh, independent labels, with anything from fresh t-shirts to cool couture.  However there is steep competition from large retailers, with fast fashion in their sights and large capital in their pockets. So, many brands don't receive the recognition they deserve. 

We are committed to helping brands who are looking to become more environmentally friendly and sustainable. We try and discourage"fast fashion" hence the majority of the products we sell are handmade, however this isn't always possible - we've been there so we know.  Becoming more eco-conscious and using sustainable materials can sometimes be a lot harder and more costly to small brands who can't buy their resources in bulk, so we're here to support anyone with a dream and something unique!

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