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Be Designer is a marketplace dedicated to brands that remain out of the mainstream spotlight and provide unique and custom creations that evoke a sense of eccentricity!

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’Broken Beauty’ Custom Denim Jacket - Jacket
’Broken Beauty’ Custom Denim Jacket - Jacket
’Broken Beauty’ Custom Denim Jacket - Jacket
’Broken Beauty’ Custom Denim Jacket - Jacket
’Broken Beauty’ Custom Denim Jacket - Jacket
'Broken Beauty' Custom Denim Jacket
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Stone washed up-cycled denim jacket with a FitMe Twist. Collaborative 'one of a kind' hand crafted artwork design created by local UK artist. Created with non-toxic fabric paint.

We love to celebrate denim and its versatility. Whether old or new, FitMe Clothing supports ethical and sustainable methods.

Creating unique 'one of a kind' up-cycled garments with a FitMe Twist! This ladies Broken Beauty denim jacket celebrates that we all are beautiful with a vulnerable side. Embrace it all with this uniquely hand painted design by a talented London artist.

Bring your denim to life with this 'one off' design and enjoy the feel good fashion of FitMe Clothing.

Size Small (one of a kind denim jacket)

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Meet the Brand


Tymoor is a Manchester based label, that focuses on clean, contemporary takes on classic clothing. Taking inspiration from modern sub-cultural fashion, art, streetwear, rock and roll and contemporary clean styling, Tymoor looks to explore the possibilities of fashion through creating elegant and modern silhouettes.